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Before you Buy: Ausbrella Policies and FAQ

Ausbrella is the latest creation of Awnet Founder Chris Pierias. Awnet is Australias largest manufacturer of commercial market umbrellas and cafe barriers. A number of years ago Chris realised the need for a stronger, more robust and much safer umbrella. Chris decided to totally reinvent the umbrella. The result was Ausbrella.

-Patent Pending No, 2014200765.
-Twin skin aluminium pole for superior strength and light weight.
-Each umbrella is fully engineered and comes with an engineer’s certificate.
-Bolt on fabric cover for greater security.
-Easy opening system with no ropes or pulleys.
- Matching in-ground stainless steel socket.

Ausbrella is available in three classes: Storm 120, Hurricane 135 and Cyclone 160+, each relating to a wind region across Australia. With a wide range of features and benefits, all covered by patents pending, this is definitely the umbrella of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ausbrella Market Umbrella Sizes
    • Ausbrella market umbrellas are available in six standard sizes. 2m Square, 2.5m Square, 3m Square. 2.9m Round, 3.6m Round and 4.3m Round. Custom sizes are available. Please contact Ausbrella for your requirements.
  • Ausbrella Warranty
    • All Ausbrella Umbrellas come with a 10 year guarantee on the frame and workmanship. The Ausbrella umbrella covers have a 3 year warranty as determined by the acrylic canvas fabric suppliers.
  • The World's Safest Umbrellas
    • Ausbrella umbrellas are not only designed, manufactured and engineered in Australia using high quality components and material they have also been put through extreme wind test conditions at the Monash University wind tunnel. Engineer certified with REAL strength and survivability tests. No other umbrella manufacturer has gone to this extent.
  • Securing Methods
    • It is strongly recommended that Ausbrella umbrellas are secured using an in-ground stainless steel socket. That is the only way you can be sure of its security. If an in-ground socket is not appropriate then a large base can be custom made. However, a suitable weighted, engineer approved base which Ausbrella will guarantee needs to be in excess of 160kg!
  • In–Ground Sockets
    • An in-ground socket is a fully stainless steel sleeve and top which is concreted into the ground. The Ausbrella umbrella is then locked into the sleeve. The depth of the in-ground socket and the amount of concrete required is determined by the size and style of Ausbrella umbrella.
  • Ausbrella Weight
    • As these umbrellas are totally manufactured from Aluminium they achieve high strength but light weight. For an acrylic cover the weights range from 20kg for the 2m square up to 50kg for the 4.3m diameter round.
  • Fabric Colour Range
    • A wide range of fabric colours are available. On each Ausbrella product page there are links to our fabric suppliers colour range.
  • Fabric Type
    • The fabric is 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas.
  • Ausbrella Cover Repair and Replace
    • Yes. The Ausbrella covers are repairable or replaceable if they become damaged. Or even if you just want a new colour cover.
  • Delivery
    • Yes, to all major cities and Towns.
  • Cleaning
    • A sponge with a weak solution of soap and water will clean the acrylic canvas, then rinse clean with water from a garden hose.
  • Ausbrella Frame
    • It is made from aluminium, which meets the Australian standard ANNZS 1866-1997 for density and strength, and the frame is powder coated. The frame will not rust.
  • Engineer Certification
    • All Ausbrella umbrellas are engineer certified. Contact Ausbrella for more information.
  • Vinyl Covers
    • Vinyl covers for the Ausbrella umbrellas are available. Please contact Ausbrella for your requirements.
  • Ausbrella Height
    • The height from the top of the umbrella to the ground level is 2.7m on the 2m, and 2.95m on the 2.5m and upwards. Custom heights are available.
  • Minimum Head Height Clearance
    • Ausbrella has complied with council recommendations on this safety issue and all umbrellas are a minimum of 2.2m above ground level.
  • Frame Colours
    • The frames are black by default. But a range of alternative colours are available. Please contact Ausbrella.
  • Custom Printing
    • Ausbrella have a full, in house screen printing department. Please contact Ausbrella for your printing requirements.
  • Wind Ratings
    • All Ausbrella umbrellas have a wind rating depending on the size of the umbrella and its ground fixing. However, it is advisable to use your discretion at what wind speed you close the umbrella.
  • Ordering
    • Because most Ausbrellas are custom made it is best to call Ausbrella directly with your requirements.

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