Ausbrella Product Range

Ausbrella Storm Umbrella

Storm 120

  • The Ausbrella Storm 120 is an exceptional umbrella with a wind rating of 120kph. Utilising the evolutionary twin skin pole it is intended to be used in all parts of Australia which are designated Region A according to the Australian design wind code. This means it is suitable for all capital cities, with the exception of Brisbane and Darwin, and all inland areas of Australia.

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Awnet Breeze Barriers

Cyclone 160+

    • As its name indicates the Ausbrella Cyclone 160+ is the ultimate in wind rated folding umbrellas. Designed and wind tunnel tested to withstand winds in excess of 160kph this umbrellas performance will surpass all others. This Ausbrella is for those areas where only the very strongest umbrella will survive. Designed for the area designated Region C according to the Australian wind zone map which is primarily the coastal strip extending from Bundaberg in the east to Carnarvon in the west.

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